Heavy industry, dynamic spirit. Figros interprets its two main production lines – die casting and hot stamping – with a contemporary mentality, which enhances the role of people and their talents and places respect for nature at the center of every choice. We accompany our customers along the path that from the simple design reaches the realization of the final piece, passing through the manufacture of customized and tested molds and always guaranteeing rigorous quality controls, with chemical and physical analysis of the raw material and the molded piece.



Completeness of offer, development times, delivery times, flexibility, customer service for figros comes first. This attention can be declined according to the various requests of the customer, whether they are a very rapid developments, timed deliveries, or simply the typically Italian flexibility to always be available to face new challenges.



We evaluate and guarantee with the absolute rigor of the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification the strength and durability of the metal components we produce, as well as their aesthetics. A skill that takes the form of chemical and physical analysis of materials and molded parts and before that, in the knowledge of metals, their characteristics and properties as a result of molding processes. 





Being creative, for Figros, means facing each project by leveraging the widest wealth of experience and knowledge that characterizes us, to choose from time to time the right solution – the most efficient. Because it is possible to get the same result in multiple ways – but not in any way. We know how to design and manufacture custom molds, as well as master die casting and hot forging at the same time. We like to think of ourselves as contemporary heirs of an ancient history – the history of man's relationship with metals. 





We are sustainable by nature. Because we process metals, which lend themselves to infinite reuses – so we use recycled materials and recover waste and scrap for new production processes. Because we are equipped with efficient machinery that run on sustainable energy, constantly maintained and safe, and run we certify it according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001 standards. We are born and we are immersed in a territory of extraordinary beauty, which inspires us and which we respect in all our gestures and actions.