from idea to reality, in 3 weeks

In Figros is possible to meet a wealth of skills and technologies that allows us to work for many manufacturing industries. Our history is closely intertwined with that of the fashion industry, with over 40 years of experience in the production of metal accessories and components for the creations of the main international luxury brands. We put the same efficiency, precision and production power at the service of other industries: interior design companies and and the mechanical industry in general find in Figros a reliable and responsive partner, in design as in delivery. We can make customized molds and start a new production even in just 3 weeks



Metal accessories and components are strongly characterizing elements of every luxury product, be it leather goods, clothing, eyewear or footwear. Even the smallest component must be able to express the unmistakable identity of a brand. Resistance and functionality that is preserved over time are fundamental values, which contribute to the reputation of the brand, to the beauty as well as to the functionality of its products. Figros guarantees all these values by producing impeccable accessories, starting from the design through the creation of custom-made molds, using the best technologies and tested, safe and sustainable materials.



It is possible to find the quality of Figros in a design lamp, as in an impeccable electric plate: elements that contribute to creating an interior design synthesis of beauty and functionality. The precision of the shapes that come out of our die-casting and hot stamping production departments is a fundamental condition for ergonomics and the pleasure of living in an environment where every gesture is synonymous with comfort. Our production strength and a competent and dynamic technical office ensure that beauty goes hand in hand with numbers and times.


The same attention to detail that we have gained in over forty years of experience in the creation of fashion accessories guides us in the interpretation of customers in the industrial field: automotive, household appliances, precision mechanics for electronics, lighting and electrical engineering, robotics. By adopting the lean approach, we optimize processes and guarantee companies the versatility and efficiency of those who have always worked to solve complex issues in tight deadlines.