Innovation and quality can mean many different things – depending on the various industries. Being innovative in the production of fashion accessories is very different from being innovative in the production of automotive components. Innovation and quality, on the other hand, are also transversal values - an attitude that allows you to equip yourself with technologies that make processes more efficient and better, whatever customer you want to satisfy: a high fashion or interior design brand, a car manufacturer, a company in the medical sector. Faithful to this attitude, Figros has equipped itself over time with state-of-the-art technologies when it comes to innovation in metal shaping, as well as of course the people who know how to manage them.


Thanks to a team of over 35 technicians specialized in the production of molds, 3-4-5 axis CNC machines, wire and die sinking EDM machines, laser marking and welding machines as well as cutting-edge measuring instruments we are able to produce 100% of the toolings we use internally, as well as, of course, to invent and implement all the mechanical innovations that have made Figros the reference point in shaping metal for the fashion industry.


Starting from casting and deformation simulation softwares, capable of predicting material flows in the mold as well as plastic deformation during the process, software of which Figros was a pioneer in Italy, up to CAD/CAM systems and ERP and MES management software useful for optimizing production, we have always been a laboratory of new ideas.

Approccio Lean


Figros manages to work with the most important international companies in the main industrial sectors because it speaks the same language. The lean approach blends with our passion for automation and allows us to optimize production processes, saving time and reducing costs, to the benefit of customer satisfaction, which will see its request materialize according to the most advanced industrial standards.

Analisi e controllo qualità


Performance and reliability. These are the two fundamental pillars to be protagonists in an international market that is increasingly attentive to the durability of products and the comfort of people. In its Quality Control department, Figros systematically performs accurate checks on the first molded parts - visual inspection, measurements and testing - before starting series production. On the latter, statistical checks are carried out on a sample basis or even 100%, for maximum quality assurance.

In addition, we perform chemical and physical tests on all raw materials in the Group Analysis Laboratory, as a further guarantee of the quality of the final result.



To confirm the quality of the production system, Figros has obtained and updates every year the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for the design, development and production of die-cast zamak parts and hot stamping; construction of molds and equipment; mechanical processing and surface finishes.